A property is usually the most important and expensive asset any individual will own. Consequently, how it is sold matters to our clients a great deal – and it matters to us.

Dauntons want you to feel confident that the advice you are receiving is absolutely the best available. We take pride in our proven professionalism and place great emphasis on the training we give to our staff to ensure you receive impeccable service and attention.

We aim to look after your best interests from start to finish and to achieve the best possible price we can for your property, all within a time frame that is geared to suit you, not us!



If you are intending to sell or let your property we offer valuations, FREE OF CHARGE.

Free Valuation

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The price we will give you will be the best price we feel you can reasonably expect to achieve at that particular time and in the circumstances.

The eventual quoted price will be agreed with you and may be adjusted slightly to fit in with your own time frame and intentions.

You should note however that these are assessments of price with a view to marketing a property for sale or rent. They are not intended as formal valuations and represent advice in the context of Estate Agency only.  No responsibility can be accepted towards any third party.

We are also able to provide you with a formal valuation should you require this: an opinion of value that requires validation.  Dauntons are Chartered Surveyors as well as being Estate Agents and consequently we have RICS Registered valuers on staff.

These values will be for purposes such as for presentation before HM Revenue & Customs; this might be for income tax reasons or probate.  You might need a value for negotiations in respect of a divorce settlement or maybe you are considering applying or granting a lease extension. These formal valuations are subject to a charge and you should contact us to discuss fees.