12th Apr 2017 April Blog: Now the clocks have gone forward, the days are getting lighter.

Everything seems to look a bit better when the sun comes out and now the clocks have gone back we have ever increasingly longer evenings in which to show off our properties. Property viewings are obviously easier in the light rather than the dark days of winter and as the sun streams through the tall windows of Pimlico’s wonderful early Victorian houses the properties begin to be seen at their best. Now is the time that traditionally the buyers come out in earnest and this year is proving no different.

We are seeing a distinct increase in both properties coming onto the market and in the numbers of applicants viewing them. Vendors are keen to sell and are being reasonable in the prices they demand, it is certainly a case of ‘the early bird catches the worm’ before the increased demand surely moves values upwards. We don’t forecast an enormous increase in prices this year but it does look as if the direction will be up to some degree rather than down as confidence returns to the central London marketplace. The variation in sunlight will play its part in showing properties at their finest and improving the mood of purchasers who always react well with better weather.

The changes in the rentals market has a slightly different calendar to sales with a spike in activity later on in the summer. In Pimlico, with the type of properties we can offer this is more to do with university terms and the start of graduate placement rather than the weather but sunny days still play their part in displaying Pimlico at its loveliest.

Pimlico is blest with magnificent white stucco buildings that shine in the sun. Couple that with a quiet, residential neighbourhood, verdant garden squares filled with bright flowering shrubs and a vibrant café society and you have all the ingredients for extremely pleasant living. Pimlico is convenient too, tube stations (focusing on Victoria) are never more than a short walk away mean that commutes to work are short and sweet. No other central London area offers such reasonably priced accommodation in a more convenient location.

If you want to know what’s going on in the Pimlico/Westminster property market give Nicola (rentals) and Alex (sales) a ring on 020 7834 8000.

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